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Willard Griffin preaching.

Revelations 5:1-13

Willard Griffin preaching.

The book here is a scroll that was sealed with seven seals. During the times of the Romans, contracts, wills, and title deeds were written on the inner pages of the scroll and sealed with seven seals. Bible scholars have come to the conclusion that the subject of this scroll has to do with redemption. According to Old Testament law, there were three things that could be redeemed.

  1. If a man had no money, he could sell himself as a servant. However, a near kin or relative could redeem him from his servitude (Leviticus 25:47-55). The one who redeemed him was called a kinsman redeemer.
  2. If a woman’s husband died and he left no unmarried brother to marry her or a living brother of the deceased man chose not to marry his brother’s widow (as provided for in Deuteronomy 25), then the nearest of kin or relative could marry her. This man was also called a kinsman redeemer. An example of this situation was the story of Boaz and Ruth.
  3. If a man lost his land, a near kin could buy it back or redeem it, thereby keeping it in the family estate (Leviticus 25). The scroll on which the official transaction was recorded was rolled up, sealed, and then placed in the court of the tabernacle or temple.

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